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A Few Words About Us

Leaders in our field.

In 2014 Goguen Champlain Insurance was purchased by Arthur J. Gallagher, one of Canada’s leading insurance brokers. We have been a beacon in New Brunswick for many years and have a solid reputation, which has been built on superior service delivery and our ability to adapt to even the most complex client operations. We are very proud of these accomplishments. Our dynamic corporate philosophy drives each and every one of our elite professionals to constantly reach a higher pinnacle in their respective fields of expertise. But you don’t have to take our word for it, just ask any of our clients.

Poised to deliver top level service

We are confident that we have the best insurance experts at your disposal. They are continually broadening their insurance knowledge and always take the time to listen to you to completely understand your business before building any plan. We have access to a very strong list of underwriters so that we can offer you the best product out there.

Our in-house Claims Specialists will make sure your claims are processed efficiently and have the smallest impact possible on your program. To better service every kind of client we have a small market division to efficiently manage your needs, big or small. We have the largest Customer Sales Representative department around to keep your wait time at a minimum. All of this makes us your partner of choice for all your commercial insurance needs.


Our Promise to You!

Industry Experts

It’s not a secret; our insurance experts are constantly being consulted for their wisdom and guidance, even in complex organizations. We have gathered in-depth knowledge that we are always leveraging to help our clients make the right choice.

We want to know all about you.

Before we build any insurance program, we make it a priority to take the time to gain in-depth knowledge about your company and the industry you operate in. It doesn’t stop there; we monitor your company and its evolution many times over the course of a year. This allows us to make adjustments in an ever-changing environment.

Solid Partnerships

At Assurance Goguen Champlain Insurance, we become partners with our clients. We know you by your first name and the proof is in the pudding; we have long-lasting relationships with our clients and we are proud to say that they remain with us because of our expertise and service.

To get in touch with an insurance specialist, please fill out the form below or call us at 1‑844‑862‑2070 during business hours.

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